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Apple is the company that is worth more than any other brand like Google, Microsoft and others. The main cause for this increase is due to the sales of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. So it’s an incredible thing … I personally as you know from my About Me page, where I speak briefly a little ‘me. However knowing that today Apple in 2015 is a brand not great but more as the value is really something very important and beautiful. I am a true Apple Fun but even so I’m interested in studying the most of every chance that Apple will make available (except Apple, of external courses that are on topic: Developing Applications in Swift or Apple technical and much more). Recapping Apple is in first place, the second is Google and Microsoft in third, fourth IBM etc. All this is shown in the survey done by Millward Brown at the following link.


Top 10 Brand 2015

Top 10 Brand in 2015

What do you think of this ranking of the Best top 10 brands in 2015?


According to this rumor by Ming Chi Kuo, that think the new generation of iPhone, iPhone 6S should coming for this WWDC of June but from secure source Tech New, che underline the this new iPhone 6S made of this new technologies.

The iPhone 6S should have 2GB of RAM LPDDR4, Force Touch, aircraft aluminium of 7000 class with the league of aluminum, zinc and magnesium and also 12 megapixel of camera.

What you think about this new iPhone 6S with new resistive materials and good? We will see how it will be this new iPhone 6S at 8 June WWDC 2015.

Secondo questo rumor detto da Ming Chi Kuo, crede che il prossimo iPhone, quello che dovrà uscire al WWDC di questo 8 Giugno, tramite la fonte taiwanese Tech New, che sottolineano il presunto iPhone 6S fatto di queste nuove tecnologie.

L’iPhone 6S dovrebbe avere 2GB di RAM LPDDR4, ForceTouch, alluminio aeronautico di classe 7000 con una lega di alluminio e zinco e magnesio e una fotocamera da 12 megapixel.

Cosa ne pensate di un iPhone di un nuovo materiale più resistivo e bello? Vedremo come sarà questo iPhone 6S alla conferenza del 8 Giugno.

MacBook Pro 15-inch

From the French web site  MacG, should go out updates Mac Models:

MacBook Pro 15-inch with Force Touch and with new processors more performance compared to the present. But also the iMac 27-inch, with new updates. As we know, recently, at the Apple event at 9 March where has been presented new MacBook with three colors. This new MacBook it includes three colors, Force Touch, new keyboard style and butterfly mechanism and more.

In the end, this coming WWDC 2015 of 8 June, should go out new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and also or probably the new iMac 27-inch and 21.5-inch, all of this Mac models, with three colors and other features.

Greetings to all mothers

Best wishes to all the Moms and good party at all. Today is a very important day to celebrate this feast and I’m glad to be here to give a greeting to all of you. For this reason, every May 10 is celebrated Mother’s day.